22 de junio de 2011

Why the /b/rony´s effect.

Inglich Verchon.  Reposteo por considerar que esta entrada necesita estar en ingles para tener una buena retroalimentación  ya que la mayoría de la audiencia es anglosajona.

Espero hacerme entender y que no sea tan mala traducción.

Accuse me reader, I am a fan and regular viewer of the Show. And I feel awkward and even causing some discomfort for me to know, my girlfriend , did not see anything interesting on it . When I showed the cartoon she only watched a minute. She turn to seriously and ask me: “Do you really like this animation? ". And snorted with a mixture of disbelief, ridicule and misunderstanding.

So my question was raised: Why such taste and passion for this show?
A friend sent me a link to /b/ 4chan.org and found MLP: FIM, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In the threads was posted the last episode broadcast images and pictures made by fans. There were many angry post in response to that thread, where accusations of homosexuality abounded. "People angry", I thought to my extensive himself, "It will be nice to watch an episode of the cartoon and return with material to join to the mob prosecution.

Raw surprise when I never back to the forum, I stay all midnight watching ponies.
But ,what the hell? I could react in Chapter 6. I could not stop it. But: What was that? the colors cougth me? Does the Audio? Do the ditties stickys? The old 80´s edition (version) of the same caught cartoon, got me extremely angry at, thing only to listen the melody of the opening, this 8 year old boy jumped from the couch to change the channel on the TV embedded in fury.
So: What different about the new version and old one?

Quick thought. What was it? Meanwhile i was longing on Thursday, the day of the new chapter Broadcasts on Hub Channel.

What could it be?. In those days I read a blog dedicated to that TV series, http://www.derpyhooves.com, which commented on an entry about a guy who wanted to explain the phenomenon of /b/ronnie so failed, which ended as a Big Faggot to the second paragraph of text. An exhibition that would be worthy of any gay parade in the world could require in their ranks. Here is the blog in question http://cosmicspacefrog.tumblr.com/ I hoping he is she.

And knowing myself disappointed and warned that guy just out of closet, I wanted to know about the “whys” of /b/rony´s phenomenon.

1. Color: Yes, colors. Sharply contrasting bright colors. If it works in babys, why not work with adults? Most likely they were chosen in that range for its mind effect in a conscious way

2. Background: Most men fans the show, at least those who shout it, are born in the eighties, when it was broadcast earlier versions. Perhaps the strength of MLP: FIM is merely nostalgia and longing. Although they hate it, remain part of that persons childhood.

3. Attraction: It may not be the only one and also the idea of think about the Equestria characters as a kind of sexual attraccion. Why, Bonner Why? (Saucy sauce, come at me!)

4. Womens: Want it or not, are female figures. There are ponies,unicorns and pegasis but most of the characters are anthropomorphic, more by attitude than image, and remember to woman. Aren´t they prototypes of female character that men born in the 80's likes? Is that why the attraction?

5. Taboo: It defies everybody. You watch girls cartoons. It is forbidden.The things you dont do as kid cos the pressure, rather the fun of your friends or classmates. Were a kid and knew not to do girl things. Now an adult. It is challenging other and challenge: "I like the girly cartoons , Problem?

6. /B/rony Effect: Not only is the show's influence, but also the fans who provides an almost endless alternate material. Modifies the original product and proposes new material. A soundproof this are the countless imagens in the internetz. The phenomenon is new (at least for me) and interesting, do not consume the product but the concept. Example of course: Derpy Hooves.
Background character, a simple visual filler become an emblematic character of the program, more than the stars and co-stars. She has no history and no real presence. The 4chan´s people, realized in one image, a character had squint eyes and people like it. They named the character, made a history and artists drew, shaped it with unpublished ideas. We are a lot of fans of this character poped out from unofficiall canon. That canon is a tacitly agreed upon by the fans. And so also a new concept is born. The Fanon (Fan´s Cannon)

Sort of matter i talking about

Average /b/rony

7. Stories: The show has good stories that are born with good narrative rhythm except for the chapters of the "Cutie mark crusaders" (yay). They are loose, innocuous and somewhat boring. This point calls for the good work done by the authors.

8. Waifus: An aberration of the Japanese trying to speak English. That want say "my Wife" and so is called a character to which an individual, usually a fan, take special affection on it . These romantic relationships are see as being sick. I would argue that in the end, isn´t different from an ordinary crush, where the individual falls in love no with the person or object, but a concept, idea. My Waifu is Lyra :3

Lira, my waifu. :3

9. Kids: there are cases that just follow the program and dolls for their kids that are show´s fans.

10. Perhaps, finally, just be a lot of faggots sublimating their faggotery.

* Note: Another thing I find interesting is that female characters do not follow the prototype of ordinary woman. That will write another day * /.

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